Macrame cascading headband and bow holder Assembling Instructions

1) First put the two nails provided into the wall using a hammer, measuring tape, and level as you would hang a picture.

2) Twist the 2 large cup hooks provided into the pre-drilled holes located at the bottom of the personalized board or shelf.  The open part of the hooks should be facing outwards towards you.

3) Next, hang on the wall. 

4) Place the first rod with 12 ring clips on to the two hooks that you just twisted in. 

5) Put the  Macrame extenders around each end of that rod. The tassels are on the bottom

6) Place the second rod on the bottom side of those two Macrame extenders. (The rods are suspended by the macrame). You can either tuck the tassels in behind, like in the pictures, or you can adjust to show.  

7) Repeat steps five and six for each additional rod that you have.