Ellie Bean's Single-Rod Headband and Bow Holder

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"I love this!!! My daughter has sooo many headbands and now I can actually see what she has!"

Simply, elegant...and a great way to save space while at the same time showing off your precious girl's bounty of headbands and bows. 

The Ellie Bean's Personalized Single-Rod Headband and Bow Holder is a fun product enjoyed by hundreds of our customers for it's unique way of solving what was once a complicated challenge—storage.

Available in two sizes (18" and 23") in White wood finish. Choose coordinating rods and hooks to match your decor (Bronze, White or Gold). 

We’ve done our best to represent the variety of options for this product in our photo gallery. (In this case the 18" White board is shown). However, not all colors and configurations may appear in the photo gallery when you select your product to purchase. Rest assured, you will receive the item as you’ve specified in your order.

Your new Single-Rod Headband and Bow Holder will be easy to assemble and install!

To prevent the rod hooks from being damaged in shipping, they will not be installed. I have pre-drilled the holes where the hooks should be placed. All you will need to do is twist the hooks into the holes. I will put the hooks and nails for hanging in a bag attached to the underside of the board.

To hang the board, included and installed, are two small sawtooth picture hooks located on the back. Simply put the small nails (also included) into your wall, level and hang it.

If you have any difficulties, please contact us.

Please note: All of our wood products are made by hand. Every piece is unique. Each piece of wood accepts paint and stain differently and may vary a bit from the pictures. As such, due to the custom nature of these products all sales are final and we do not accept returns or exchanges. However, if you have any problems with your order please contact us for assistance.

The bows, and headbands featured in our photos are not included with your order. They are, however, available in our Accessory Collection.