Drew the Unicorn "Top" Security Blankie

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"Perfect! My sister and her new baby loved it!" 

One of our children's top, most cherished belongings has been the security blankets they received as babies. These little snuggle friends offer so much comfort and love to babies and toddlers alike. These are absolutely the softest, snuggliest baby security blankets you will ever find!

Drew the Dragon is 14" tall and may be personalized.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PERSONALIZATION. As personalized items are not refundable…

When selecting to customize your Security Blankie, use the “Personalization” field (located below the Font Style pulldown menu) to enter the name exactly how you would like it to appear. It is case sensitive. Next, choose your Font Style** and Thread Color...

You've just created a memory that will last forever!

* Please note: I do not take apart the seam of the Blankie when I embroider, and as such, you will see the embroidery on the back side of the item. 

**The Font Styles are shown in the gallery and are identified by name for style only. For a full alphabet sample, please see this page.